Media is Power guides c-level marketers, and their teams, through the tectonic shift taking place across the paid, owned and earned media landscape. 

Paid, Owned and Earned Media exist in a state of paradox as technology convergence is driving media fragmentation—creating more instead of less. Even traditional roles are evolving as consumers and brands are becoming media to meet a new level of demand for content.

Marketers must exist in this state of constant iteration — testing and learning to grow their business. As we adapt, some in our industry claim traditional media is dead and we must evolve or get left behind. This is an oversimplified claim. It cites the impact online, social and mobile technologies are having on consumer habits as evidence. But this doesn’t account for media, traditional and new, that tap these same technologies to evolve.

The entire media landscape is part of this significant, far-reaching shift, including Media is Power. We’re a platform for marketers, from marketers, and a reminder that media isn’t dead. Media is Power.

Who Reads Media Is Power?
Our readers are pragmatic and progressive. As they address this shift, they realize it’s not as simple as abandoning the old for the new.

Who Is Media Is Power?
Media is Power is brought to you by the paid, owned and earned experts at Empower MediaMarketing — one of the largest independent media agencies in the nation. The site is developed and managed by Empower MediaMarketing’s content marketing division – Magnetic Content Studios. Magnetic Content Studios is an audience focused, editorial driven, content marketing company helping brands evolve their approach to owned media.

About Our Logo
Our logo represents paid, earned and owned media in this constant state of change. Media are vibrant and flexible as they fold and mix together to create something new — not unlike the primary colors used in the design. The logo captures this energy, in play, and speaks to its future potential.

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